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Let College Wrestling Coaches FIND YOU!  Enter the information below to be listed as a Pennsylvania Wrestler that is ready to wrestle at the next level!  If you prefer to build a complete, custom profile that you can share with the college programs of your choice, click here!

Who is Completing This Form?

Relation to the Wrestler
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General Info About the Wrestler

Wrestling Career

PIAA wrestlers' Win-Loss Record and Post-season Accomplishments will be included in the profile based on information sourced from public internet sites.

Social Media Follows (Be Careful!)

Ideally, you are using social media appropriately and responsibly.  Coaches WILL CHECK OUT YOUR PAGE if they want to know more about your current activities and your character!  Please do not list any social media accounts that you would not want a perspective coach to see!

College/University Preferences

What Level(s) are You Targeting? (Select All that Apply)
Financial Considerations (Select the Best Answer)
Wrestling/Athletic Scholarship Expectations

Profile Pictures

Add up to 5 pictures (ideally one headshot and up to four action shots)


Terms of Submission

Submitting this form does not guarantee an entry will be published. A member of our administrative team will assess the information submitted to determine if there is sufficient information and substance to include in a college coaching member's search results.  We will contact you at the e-mail address provided to clarify information, inform you of next steps, collect required payment to build your profile.

Profiles take up to 2 business days to review and publish after payment has been received.  

We do not share your information with anyone except registered and verified college/university program representatives, and only when full payment has been received with final approval of your profile.

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Your profile request has been  successfully submitted.  Please expect a response within 48 hours.

Please review your responses and make sure all required fields have been completed.

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